Hitler's Aryan Race

"In the mid-1900's,Nazi Germany rulers used the Aryan to tell about the germans and certain northern Europeans.The Germans people said that the Jews could not come back because they were cholera germs. Ant-Jewish had a book that went to thirty-six prints and abunch of people read it,fro m other countries.The German that were best living was blond hair and lue eyes.In 1903,They made a document that made it's apperance in russia.It was suppost to be the secret plans of the "international Jewish conspiracy".The people were unempolyed,they had no work or money. They were bitter,poor,hungry and angry,the peopl blamed the world for there unemployment. Hitler talked to the people and it inspired them. Hw damanded that Germany to be the strongest army in the world. Only racial German blood could be citizens,Jews are not allowed to be citizens."(smoke and ashes)"



"In 1923,a inflation happen and it was the wost thing that happen to the world,people were without work.German had money that was called reichsmark.Their money had no value, a loaf of bread cost five millon reichsmark. Hitler and the nazi party tried to take over the government,but fails. Hitler was arrested,and given five years but got out in 9months. Civilization was the product of one race-thier Aryan,there is no such thing as an Aryan race. That made no difference to Hitler wanted "to see to it that the blood is preserved pure." Hitler had a saying that waz "all that is not race is trash." Hitler said that Jews are "maggot,""parasites,""vermin,''plague,""spider sucking bllod,""vampire,""pimp,""snake"-and is for from all that he said. He want to "extermination" to be the dominate of all nations. Jews pretended to be a religion,witch was "the first and greastest lie." Nazi had their own approach to propaganda which was much more direct of the Britain. Hitler talked to Joseph Goebbels as minister of Propaganda, and gave him control over German mobie industry. Zara leander extol the virtues od Aryan perferction. Nazi army began to crumble and the Allies drew ever nearer to Berlin. The Allies invaded germany; the dream of the 1,000-year reichlay ruins."(world war 2)"

"It didn't matter what the race waz as long as natural,pagan,hierarchicl streaghtn and force. The nineteenth-centry racism, was the superiority of one race over another. The German people were a big part of the "Aryan race", along with other nations, similar "blood", with their culture reduced to a primitive level, the Czechs foles. Russia were to assame the mantle of slaves to serve."(history of the holocast)"

"Hitler's Aryan Race"

"Hitler was able to institute his barbaric "morals". He used the superiority of the Aryan race, from which the German race was spuwned. The Aryan race was rational for the Holocast. Jews would lower intrerbreeding between the master race and inferior peoples."(Homefront)"

'Hitler believed that the Aryan race,to be which all "True" Germans belonged,was the race whose blood was of the highest degree. This meant that the blood of every person and every race contained the soul of a person and likewise the soul of his race,the volk. Aryan religion sense cannot be imagned which lacks the conviction of survival afterdeath. Jewish greatest threat was the Aryan race. The Aryan culture-creating spirital elements that existed in the blood of the Aryan race. Hitler saw the Marxist threat to aryan culture-ceating ability not as coincidental but as a deliberate plan to destroy culture.The Aryans envolved the fifth sub-race of the atlanteans.The Aryran race was bom and developed in the far north.They followed a migratory pattern that went south and west from Asia. The Aryans were the most spiritual people on earth. they had a religion of hate and malice toward everyone and everything outside its self.The superiority of Aryan peoples and need for lower races to serve higher race.'Armanen",the Aryan leaders who were stronger by their ability to use the occult powers."(Hitlers racial Idenology)"

"Smoke and Ashes"

"World War 2"


"Hitler's racial Idenology"