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7th GradeWriting is a big part of 7th grade. The Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing is gone, but 7th graders are still taught how to write descriptively and professionally in narrative, expository, and persuasive styles. We have told stories about "Bert's Big Day" and "Bad Babysitting." We have taught our readers "How to Be a Bad Waiter" and "How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You." We took some extra time on one essay topic, "Growing Up Changes Things." We work-shopped it and did our best to write the best expository essay possible on this topic. We would now like to share with you our takes on growing up.
8th Grade
Project-Based Learning is a wonderful way for students to learn about life by experiencing it themselves. I have been chosen to be one of CMS's first teachers to institute this type of teaching. The 2012 project has been a look at research topics from WWII and the Holocaust. The information found will help students prepare themselves and gain prior knowledge for the reading of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Our 2011 project was "I Could Be Next: A Look at Contagious Discrimination." This project involved group research, artistic expression, social experiments, and some serious practice of 21st Century Skills. The topic was chosen to introduce the students to a theme that appears throughout 8th grade reading materials--"Flowers for Algernon;" Diary of Anne Frank; and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. It was meant to help students understand that at any time, they themselves could find themselves on the outs with society, be it for their appearance, their age, their religion, their lineage, their disabilities, or a number of other things shallow-minded people in a fickle society might use to make themselves feel superior. Students explored the journey that many groups have taken in the face of adversity and explored the ways that they could keep others from receiving the same terrible treatment. Begin your own journey by looking at some of the resources we used in ours: Jane Elliott's Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Experiment, Martin Niemoller's poem "First They Came", Do Something's look at discrimination in different walks of life, Harvard's Implicit Association Tests.

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